Portsmouth Brewery

CrossCurrent conducted an intensive media campaign for the 30th anniversary of New Hampshire’s original craft brew pub. We developed a media strategy, which included staging a big event involving the Governor and other elected officials. We garnered countless stories about the history and future of the brewery and extensive social media engagement.

A few years ago, CCC led a rollout of a new beer marketed to menopausal women.  The publicity effort for the new beer was extremely successful and led to regional, national and international news coverage for Libeeration craft brew.  The PR campaign led to Increased sales and improved market share, including enhanced reputation and visibility.

When Portsmouth Brewery co-owner Joanne Francis shared her idea of creating a brew for menopausal women, we knew it was a winner.  An untapped market, coupled with individualized media pitching and a hefty dose of humor, enabled us to give Libeeration craft beer some serious buzz.  Check out a smattering of the extensive coverage!

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