“CrossCurrent Communications has helped make the launch of our campaign to conserve Kittery’s last working farm a huge success.  Melissa and her team not only synthesized the major selling points of our Johnson Farm project into a compelling case for support, they created a document that tells an engaging story, looks beautiful and positions our campaign for a wide variety of audiences. In today’s era of multimedia, non-profits know they need to use video to tell their story but struggle to create a meaningful product themselves.  It was CrossCurrent’s experience and expertise that allowed Kittery Land Trust to capitalize on the offer of local footage of Johnson Farm.  The video Melissa produced has perfect pitch and is an invaluable addition in the campaign tool kit.  CrossCurrent also cultivated relationships with local media to secure press coverage at strategically critical points.  While the for-profit world accepts the mantra “you have to spend money to make money”, the non-profit world generally eschews it.  I dare say we would not have had a fraction of the success we’ve enjoyed to date without the comprehensive services of CrossCurrent Communications.”

Christine Magruder, Executive Director, Kittery Land Trust

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